Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy 80th Birthday, Tante Inge

The kids with Tante Inge.

She is younger the sister of the Opa and she is lovingly called Tante Inge by the whole family, even the kids. And she is celebrating her 80th birthday, today!

Would you know her age if you'll look at her? I would think not. She is still a very independent woman. In fact, she's decided to leave the family home and bought herself a small apartment in the city. She said she wanted to be near all the necessary places: the supermarkets, the shopping areas, her friends, etc. Who could blame her? She lives alone and yet she still enjoys going out and meeting friends. She is enjoying life as she sees it.

And like oma, she is growing old gracefully. She's got a very open minded thoughts about life and she looks forward to everyday with optimism. That would be the main reason why she's still walking with some spring on her steps.

We cant reach her over the phone, I guess she's partying it out with her son and her daughter in law. But with this post, I want her to know that she is loved, too.

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