Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ate Chacha

Ate Chacha singing with Jollibee

Oh well, I could I have missed my first niece's birthday, which is also today, on oma's birthday? It was the full day of preparation. We were up at 6 am to prepare MC for her visit to the hospital. They need to leave home before 7 am, to be the first in line; knowing that most last minutes check ups would happen this Friday, before Christmas.

And then as I was getting ready to go back to bed at 7 am; IC woke up and excitedly asked if today is oma's birthday. Nope, I missed a few precious minutes of mommy time! Had to get up and get ready for the trek to oma and opa's house and do all errands and celebrate. We just actually got home, at 10 pm, tonight. We had to go home, IC was already making up excuses to go home. She is too tired and too sleepy already. A long day.

And then I realized, although I told oma early today about it, I forgot to even send a text message to my niece; who's also celebrating her birthday today! Oooops. I immediately grabbed my handy phone and flicked a message. Although in the Philippines is already the 22nd, it is still the 21st here in Germany. I still am on time :D

So here's to Ate Chacha. I am calling her ate (big sister), because that is how MC and IC call her. I never would have thought you would be the athletic one in the family. Imagine, you are winning the badminton national league. You are even coaching the badminton team in your high school now, wow! Applause! And another thing, that you would loose your shyness and would love to sing in front of big audiences, that really amazes me. I know you could hold a tune, that runs in the family, if I am allowed to say, hehehe. I mean, you are up on stage, singing and dancing, almost everytime there's a special occasion in school on in any other special activities. Another round of applause for you.

Sad to say, I cant remember how old you are. Twelve or thirteen years old? I am getting old or I simply dont want to accept the fact that you are a teen ager now. I can still recall when you were a wee babe. I wanted to keep you in my arms, making believe you are my own baby, too! Grabe, you're the first baby in the family. And I enjoyed seeing you grow. I just cant believe that you are now taller than me. Where did the time go?

I love it that you wear my discards. Does that mean, you love my fashion style or you just wear those if I am there, hehe! Dont worry, you can tell me the truth, even though it would hurt a bit :D

MC always admires your long, gorgeous hair. In fact, I wasnt allowed to touch her hair now because she wanted to win as the one with the longest hair when we fly to Manila this February. Now, I cant wait to see who's got the longest hair between all of you girls.

I also watched how you act as real ate (big sister) to your siblings of three. I admire you for being so responsible, for being a good example to them. I love, too, how you patiently play with MC and IC, despite the fact that my two girls are sometimes too much! But you see, you manage to keep your big sister attitude without being too pushy, I love that about you. I guess, your mama and papa are so proud to have a daughter like you. I know, I am proud to have a niece like you! MC and IC also extend much love to you.

I hope you had a great birthday celebration early today. I am looking forward to the stories, expect a call this weekend.

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