Sunday, December 9, 2007

HS Attacks Again

MC, who would be celebrating her 6th birthday tomorrow is down with cold and fever and as expected, the virus attacked her condition.

Having hereditary spherocytosis (HS) is not easy. Instead of visiting Christmas bazaars and enjoying the kiddie rides, we are either all sitting at home or visiting the doctor.

And there's the blood tests which make the daily doctor visits not easy. I had prayed long and hard, I even offered myself if it is only possible to change places. And last night, I really felt sick and I welcomed the pain. I really thought MC would be spared.

Well, this morning, her temperature is down. She's still coughing. But she's more active. I am sick and Papa is sick, too: both with cough and stinking headache. I applauded this, thinking MC would be okay. Thinking she's been spared.

This afternoon, she went with Papa to the doctor, another blood test. She doesnt want to go. So I decided to give her one of her birthday gifts, she went without complaint. And then the call... Her blood test turned out not to be good. The doctor wanted to bring her to the hospital. We dont want that. My husband promised to bring her early tomorrow morning to the hospital.

Imagine, instead of preparing for her birthday celebration tomorrow, she would spend the day again being pricked by doctors.

This also happened almost the same time last year, after her birthday celebration, she suddenly lost her energy and just wanted to sleep. Not normal for her, it was after a battery of tests that we confirmed she's got HS.

But I am positive everything would be okay, soon. I am praying everything would be okay.


ScroochChronicles said...

Oh boy...I too hope that everything turns out for the better. Give MC a big hug for me, ok :)

lovelyn said...

Sorry to hear about MC's HS. Hope she'll be ok and will outgrow it as she ages.

Mothers will agree with me that seeing our kids unwell, it hurts twice inside. For me, as if my heart is being wrenched and I'm just forcing myself to be strong.

Hope all would be fine and Godbless you all.