Wednesday, December 12, 2007


There should be a rule about the family NOT being sick, all at the same time! But it is what we are facing now and this is what's making me crazy.

You might ask why I could still blog about it? Well, I have cough and cold, just like the whole family, but I am feeling better now. I never did have fever. But I have lost my voice. On Monday it was just hoarse, but after the dramas during MC's medicine times, I finally lost my voice. I can only whisper. I wanted to save my voice but it not possible when you are a mom with two small kids. Thus, I wanted to share by writing my thoughts down.

My husband, after knowing that I have indeed lost my voice, cant help but laugh. He gleefully declared that the family is now free to do what they want. As if they are have not been doing what they want for a long time now, huh :)

Anyway, the kids were a bit confused. I can only give them signals, though sometimes, I had to whisper things to them. As for my husband, I used a pen and paper. Can you imagine how many pages I have used so far? He had to talk to all the callers and I had to ask him to call to cancel my participation in a lot of things: the Christmas party for our little gymnasts, the English course for pre schoolers, the Christmas party for the sports club, etc.

Of course I am glad to have prepared and baked some cookies in advance and froze them. That would have to do for the Christmas party for this afternoon. I wanted to come but my husband is my voice for today, at least, and he said no. What can I do?

And MC was also in the hospital with her papa early this morning. Another round of blood tests. She needed to rest, her HB is down again. We needed to forego all the celebrations and simply stay at home if we wanted to enjoy oma's 85th birthday celebration this 21st of December and Christmas this year.

We plan to celebrate her birthday in January 2008. I might need to say no to her best boy friend's birthday invitation this December 18, too. But it's okay, as long as it would help her speedy recovery.

IC's still coughing but she's fit and all over the place already. We plan to keep her at home for this week, too. Papa is 'so-so' - he needs to rest. The thing is, he must drive around: to the hospital, to the pharmacy, to grocery shop. I cannot do that since I have lost my voice.

I am looking forward to a healthy tomorrow though. I am heartfully praying that we would all be healthy soon.

Thanks for the notes from my fellow mom bloggers, they are very much appreciated.


MarysMom said...

Call me crazy, but I like it when I lose my voice (which I have maybe, twice in my life)--- you open your mouth and nothing comes out, I just find it hilarious. Anyway, feel better.
I'm glad that our family had stayed healthy through all the snow and cold weather we've been having lately.

ScroochChronicles said...

Oh boy!! I hope all of you get better soon. Ganyan ata talaga, hawaan season na kasi :)

Anyway, just take a few extra doses of Vitamin C for good measure. You'll be fine in no time. How's MC?

BTW, you're tagged :)

julie said...

Keng, I hope everything will be or maybe is ok now.

((hugs)) to the kids :)


geri said...

Just reading your entries is enough to stress me out too. I can't imagine being that sick with 2 children (and a husband) to take care of. I have to say I chuckled when you wrote about consuming a lot of paper "talking" to your husband. Get well seen Raq!

raqgold said...

marysmom - i also love it when i loose my voice but this time, nothing comes out, hehehe. thanks for the note.

cookie - MC is better but she needs another blood test this friday. do you know what, vit C is not recommended here for kids. good thing they get them from eating fruits and veggies.

julie - thanks for the hugs, they helped!

geri - hubby was hubby when i lost my voice :D we're recovering, slowly but surely, thanks.