Tuesday, November 6, 2007

MC Wants to Get Married

Photo: I took this photo of MC and A during the gymnastics class yesterday. When they saw the flash of the camera, they just smiled.

MC, who would be turning six this December; wants to get married. She casually told me this one early morning while she's getting ready for kindergarten.

MC said seriously, ' Mama, I want to get married to A. I know he wants to marry me, too.'

Hearing those words just made me smile and I told her, 'well, it's good to know that.' And she explained further, 'If Timmy was here, then I would have married him. But he left for America.' Timmy is a neighbor and a playmate of her who is now living in America.

And then this morning, I had a meeting with her gymnastics trainer who told me, 'MC told me she's marrying A. But then came another friend who said she is also marrying A. You know what MC then said in the end?'

'Then let's get married all three together.' The trainer gave a hearty laugh after telling her I already heard about this upcoming wedding.

I called my husband to inform him about MC's plan. And he told me, 'MC talked to me last night about that. I simply asked her to ask A's mama if she agrees to the wedding.'

Oh well, let's hear what A's mama says. A's mama is by the way, our lady priest in the Protestant church.

You know why she's eager to get married? Because she's inspired by this wonderful wedding dresses and the interesting ceremony and the all night long party that would definitely follow. Another fantasy full idea. Kids :D


Christianne said...

Hahaha! Magkasunod siguro yung stage na "I want to get married" and "Boys are yucky" :d

geri said...

Hey, I wanted to get married around that age too. Didn't you? hehe

I like the photo, paparazzi style. The two looked so grown-up. Doesn't that make you nervous? :)

raqgold said...

christianne, let's wait and see. kasi ngayon she's still enjoying playing with boys talaga e. meron na nga lang favorite :D

geri, hmm i cant remember. but since we have a big group of playmates back then, wala akong fave boy :) wait til the papa sees this photo, hahaha

GreyMom said...

LOL that's really funny! Ako naman my youngest son G (when he was younger) wants to marry me daw. LOL

MegaMom said...

This is too funny Keng! I guess I have a couple of years to prepare my responses to these funny situations. Thanks for the heads up! :)

Julie said...

Raq, aray! Trixie talks about her crush, much as I want to tell her to stop thinking about this yet I am still glad she confides in both me and my hubby. My hubby does not reply, alam ko galit, :D

raqgold said...

greymom, my younger brother always asks my mom to marry him, too :D

megamom, better prepare yourself now, tatlo agad yan, hahaha

julie, my hubby is game about these things!

ScroochChronicles said...

Ayos ah. I think its the dress talaga. They fantasize about being princesses and wearing that beautiful dress. Si Gaby din will marry her dad, her uncles, her boy cousins. Medyo ibang usapan lang pag classmates na kasi hinahabol niya talaga. I actually caught her last Halloween stealing a kiss from her cute classmate, M :)