Thursday, November 15, 2007

MC is my Yoga Master

The pre-school kids in kindergarten started their yoga course two weeks ago. I blogged about this program here.

And for that two weeks, we have been visited regularly by our yoga master, MC. Oh yes, she is so excited with this yoga course, from day one, that she's been urging us to do yoga with her, every opportunity she gets. I mean, I have no problem with that. Only, I told her, mama must also cook or else we wont have the strenght to continue doing yoga :D

The first day she was introduced to yoga, I excitedly asked her what happened. I am a yoga fan, by the way, even though I dont get to practice regularly. She reported it step by step. I know because I already asked one of her teachers in kindergarten who stayed with them during the entire course.
Well, MC got frustrated with simply talking about yoga that she said, 'you know what? Let's get ready for bed and then we could do yoga before we sleep.' I nodded yes while IC run into the bathroom in glee.

So there we were, in our pajamas, being instructed by our little yoga master. And here's how she did it.

1. She told us to sit like a pretzel.

2. Started with a few 'oms' to relax us

3. Stretched one leg forward and give it a few pats, then do the same with the other leg

4. Stretched arms over the head slowly and fold hands together, and then put them down and fold your hands slowly in front of your stomach (do it a few times)

5. She recited a few relaxing phrases -- something about flowers and trees and the nature...

6. Stood up and did the number 4 again

7. We ended up with simply listening to our breathing in and out

In the end, she even asked us to do poses which she was doing in her ballet classes! But of course, we joined her. Not knowing that she was already improvising simply because she enjoyed dictating the exercise a lot! Well, she admitted those additional positions when we were already in bed.

But hats off to her, she really did concentrated during the yoga session, or else she would not be able to show us what yoga is all about. I promised to attend one of the yoga courses in kindergarten, and I cant wait!


Analyse said...

that must be exciting.. when kids start to teach something to their parents.. wow, you've got a concentrated yoga master there.

Angelica Viloria said...

Yoga for kids does seem to be catching on even here in the Philippines. Well, with the stress of daily living...

KK said...

Neat! It's great that your MC is really into Yoga because I believe if you start them early they will be living healthy lifestyles. I need yoga right now. I took some classes a while back but I had to stop because my vertigo was still pretty bad.

It's great that it's our children who will remind us to be healthy.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raquel. I read your other post about Yoga in Kindergarden and I'm very impressed. It sounds like a wonderful and worthwhile activity for the kids. I'm sure it's fun and great for the mind and body. I wish we have something like that here. Thanks for sharing.

raqgold said...

analyse - i enjoyed learning from the kids :)

angelica - learning yoga gives them an advantage talaga.

KK - both kids are enjoying this yoga at home. although they look at it as a play, we know that it does help them a lot.

rach - you might want to introduce yoga during parent's teacher meetings - am sure they would warm up to that topic. might even succeed in including them in the curriculum :D