Saturday, November 10, 2007

MC's Reaction on Toy Recalls

So, I blogged yesterday about this toy recall especially on the Bindeez or Aquadots which is on top of MC's Christmas wish list.

When we told her early this morning that she would not be getting Bindeez, she immediately lost her excitement; until we explained to her the hazard that those toys could bring to children like her.

And what did she say? 'Mama, then why are they showing those things on television and asking the children to buy them and play with them if those things are dangerous?'

Ooops. Another early morning attack. Fortunately, I did my research last night and told her, 'Sometimes it takes sometime before they would know that those things are dangerous. That is why we should always be careful when buying toys.'

I am glad that issue is over. She accepted it as such and said she would tell me later what she wanted as a replacement for those recalled toy.

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