Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Talking About Sex with Kids

I got this from Macuha released an ad encouraging parents to teach their kids some sex education. They actually used kids for the advertisement.

Do you get to talk to your kids about sex? Well, mine started to ask me about it a year ago. MC was a few month short of her 5th birthday while IC was only two years old. Want to know our birds and the bees story? Then click.

But of course, the real talking would happen in another years. And by then, I hope I would know the right answers. But would the questions be the same, huh?


Analyse said...

ow, ok, ill wait for your time to get a hint ;)

MarysMom said...

I don't know how I would handle it when my 5-year-old daughter starts asking about sex. So far, she's seen kissing on TV, learning about crushes at her kindergarten playground ("Yosh thinks Laura is a hottie!") From time to time, I would explain to her good and bad touching but not much beyond that.

MegaMom said...

Read your anecdote about your kids... again thanks for the heads up!
We're never really prepared for these sorts of things are we?

raqgold said...

analyse, please dont do that to me, hehehe

marysmom, better arm yourself with good reads about that topic now, hehe

megamom, sometimes we think we are and then we would find out we are wrong, hay :D