Thursday, November 15, 2007

An Easter Story in November

I had time to spare when I picked up MC from her playmate's house and got to chat up with the girl's parents.

I dont know how they ended up talking about Easter but they did and when it's time to talk about what did Jesus do during Easter MC proudly stated, 'He was also looking for Easter eggs.' Well, why not :D

At bedtime, MC have questions about Easter and her first questions were, 'Mama, why did Jesus die and why did he rose from the dead?'

I told her that Jesus died to save the human race from sin and he rose from the dead because he wanted the whole of mankind to know that he is there for us.

To which she followed with: 'Is he in heaven now?' Well, I told her Jesus is everywhere especially in everybody's heart. That is why when she hurt someone, then she is also hurting Jesus. And I used this opportunity to tell her that when she's got a temper, she might want to take sometime to talk to Jesus in silence in her heart and then I am sure she would find calm.

She simply nodded with big eyes and fell asleep. I hope she understood what I told her. Sometimes you realized that while expaining things to our kids, we are also learning with them.


ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Raquel!! I had a similar conversation with Gaby. She was asking me why Jesus took her Lolos and her pets with him to heaven. Syempre at first wala akong maisagot. So I just told her that Papa Jesus needed more angels in heaven :)

raqgold said...

cookie - sometimes kids come up with so intriguing questions that would confuse us. though when we think about it, the answer is just simple :D