Sunday, November 4, 2007

Want a Peek in my Wallets?

I was tagged by Mayi to show what's inside my wallet. It is a simple enough tag that I could have been finished in a few minutes but then I have a dilemma, what wallet should be tagged? I dont have any wallet loyalty. I chose a wallet depending on my need on that specific time when a wallet should be dragged into my body. Because I am someone who leaves the house prefering to have both hands free, wallet free even. I put coins in my jeans pockets for just in case.

You see, I need both hands to hold hands with my kids when walking and strolling even when hiking.

Instead of taking time for decisions, I have decided to showcase my six wallets. The day that I was tagged by Mayi, I have already prepared the wallet that I would use for the next day shopping trip to the city with the kids. That wallet ( a gift from my father in law) would be the dark brown one in the middle with a credit card, one cash card, three membership cards from shopping stores, an I've got Implanon card, a note with a blessed rose from St. Theresa, a plaster, and some bills and coins.

The second most used wallet is the black one, an imitation Esprit which I bought in the streets of Bangkok in the late 90s. This is the one I use when I drive and when the family drive around. And because of that, I have the health cards of the whole family, my driver's license, then I would transfer the credit card and the cash cash plus all the membership cards and Implanon card into it, too. I would have a 20 euro bill folded in one secret pocket for emergency, aside from the usual bills and coins and old receipts.

The small black and red purse is another gift from my father in law. Because of its small size, I use this whenever I wanted to buy something after bringing the kids in kindergarten. It fits every pockets of every jackets and jeans I own. Convenient and not bulky.

The beige coin purse came with a shoulder bag. The bag is very much used but the coin purse ended up holding the kids' extra carnival tokens and some perfume samples and a tie pin of my husband. Something to hold small things that I would not end up searching for them for a long time in my big mommy bag.

The dark brown wallet from Esprit was brought in a whim. A wrong, impulsive buy because it is too bulky, too big, too uncomfortable to use. It holds the private health cards of the family, some photos and old receipts. The burgundy passport wallet was a gift from a friend during his visit in Thailand in the late 90s. It used to hold my passport, but is now used as a 'storeroom' for not regularly used membership cards, some photos, some papers for some buys which I still cant say goodbye to, and some important receipts.

Now let me tag Christianne, Cookie and Rach. Sorry moms, am curious, too :D


Christianne said...

Fun! Thanks for the tag :D

ScroochChronicles said...

Thanks for the tag :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Interesting things you have there. I have several favorite wallets too. I change my wallets whenever I change my purse/hand bag.

Thanks for the tag. I posted mine. Take a peek inside my wallet.

Mitch said...

Yehey, kumakalat na yung wallet meme. Dami mo namang wallet Mommy Raq.

Mixednuts said...

thanks for doing this tag. ok you are the only person i know who has soooo many wallets.

reklamador said...

drooling over the cards. hehe

raqgold said...

christianne and cookie, welcome and let me know if your finished, thanks!

rach, thanks for playing, i saw your post. am glad am not the only with with loads of fave wallets :D

mitch and mayi, i cant part with them e, haha

reklamador, there are more discount cards there than pang-gastos cards :D