Friday, November 23, 2007


A few nights ago, already in bed and I was already soo tired, MC started to philosophize...

MC: 'Mama, if God was not on earth, how did the human race came to be?'

Mama: 'Huh?'

MC: 'I mean, what was the world when there was no God and there was no human beings.?'

Mama: 'Huh?'

MC: 'Mamaaaaa, if God was not here how come there are human beings?'

Mama: 'Huh?'

MC: ' Maaamaaaaa, could it be that there are human beings and there was no God. How could that happen?'

Mama: 'Huh?'

MC:' You dont understand, hmp.'

Mama: (Forced to react) 'Actually, I was only thinking. You see, I believe that God was always there and He created the human beings and all the things that you see now.'

MC: ' Okay.'

If I had known that she would agree so fast with my simple explanation I would have ended my 'huh' agony. But I told her in the morning that God created all things for us to love and enjoy them and not to hurt or destroy them. I mean, I needed to let my first born know that I did undestand her, only, I really must go back to my elementary books. She might start asking about the big bang theory soon!

Another homework for me :)


Liza's Eyeview said...

huh? - LOL!

I love this post! Great questions your little one had.

Christianne said...

LOL, I would probably have HUH'ed the same way. Such deep thoughts MC has, buti hindi siya nakipag-debate pa.

By the way, I finally did the wallet meme!

ScroochChronicles said...

Ano daw? Hahaha :)

Kung ako yan siguro ang sagot ko.."Whatyatokingabout? Matulog ka na."..hahaha :)

KK aka Tina said...

Bravo MC make your mother think! A smart little one you got there Raq. hehehe Reminds me of my daughter. Watch out for where do babies come from? How did I pop out of your tummy? How did I get inside your tummy?

hehehehe! Happy Answering ;) !

raqgold said...

liza - that night was not easy :)

christianne - sometimes you dont really know where they get those questions at all!

cookie - ahaha, that's good.

KK - am glad that MC cant read your comment, hahaha