Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Arjay!

Arjay with IC during our visit in Manila, 2006.
How old are you now, my baby brother? I seriously dont know because I still think of you as a baby.
Yes, even though for many years now; you are no longer a baby. You are now a young man. I still cant believe my eyes everytime I see you. I cant even believe my ears whenever I hear your voice when we talk over the phone.

You will always be the baby of the family. You know why? Because you remain as sweet and as thoughtful as you were when you were a little boy, hanging on Nanay's (mom) skirt. I remember you would always try to save something for Nanay whenever I treat you out; either a piece of a hamburger or the whole french fries pack. Everytime you get some chocolates, Nanay would always get a piece from them.

I noticed, you still do that. But now, you share to the whole family. You bring then boxes of doughnuts or order pizza for them. That is why you have a whole bunch of friend who treats you like their own brother. I know how you get loads of gifts or how they bring food during your birthday. I know how your friends extend their love to you by bringing extra something for Nanay and Tatay (dad). They do that to you because you do that to them, too.
You see, you are still so sweet and thoughtful. And I know you would remain such a special person; because you have sorrounded yourself with special people like you.

I also admire your adventurous spirit. I just hope you would know the right path to take.

I love you, dear baby brother!


MarysMom said...

Coming from a family of six, I have older brothers, an older sister, younger sisters... but no younger brothers.
I hope your baby brother stay as sweet as he is.

KK aka Tina said...

Ka-sweet naman!
Happy Birthday to your bonso brother!

tintin said...

So sweet. It warms my heart to see open expressions of love between family members.

Happy Birthday to the young man!

raqgold said...

marysmom - oh my baby bro is still as sweet. as sweet as those doughnuts that he kept on bringing with him as pasalubong :D

KK - thanks :)

tintin - this expressions of love was not so easy when we were young, but with him, he's got no problems with such things. kaya naman the big sister is making up!

bem said...

this made me teary eyed. ate and bunso are so sweet naman.