Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I am Christmas Busy!

I know I said that I am done with Christmas shopping, but you see, I need to do more; a lot, lot more!

Last weekend we shopped for our traditional advent wreath. I admit, I could have created one wreath by myself, we have enough materials ready at home. But the fun part is with the searching and finally settling on something that resembles what we really wanted and being satisfied with it because the kids and I have already consumed more than enough free sweets, cookies and beverages to last us until dinner time!

Oh yeah, everytime we visit out favorite flower shop to buy our wreath, we make sure that we go during their special season's exhibit. Where you are offered mulled wine, kiddie punch, or the simple water, juices, tea or coffee; served with a variety of cookies, candies and cakes. A neat way to start the party season.
After paying for our wreath, we headed home ready to dig into our storerooms for our collection of Christmas decorations. With kids, it took like a hundred years, but we recovered. My husband got busy with his Christmas lights inside and outside our house. My hands were full checking the dozens of boxes marked 'Christmas', selecting what we would be using for this year. You see, I have already an assortment of Christmas themes that would include angels, bears, ribbons, or it might be in colors of red or blue or green or gold, etc.

This year, my little bosses opted for a teddy bear theme. So, I dragged all the teddy bear Christmas decors out. Until the house looked like in a bear's cave celebrating for Christmas! We still dont have a tree so the little teddy bears would have to wait :D Trimmings finished, whew!

But wait, I needed to work on the advent calendars for the kids. Wikipedia states that the origins of the Advent calendar come from German Lutherans who, at least as early as the beginning of the 19th century, would count the days of Advent physically. Often this meant simply drawing a chalk line on the door each day, beginning on December 1. Some families had more elaborate means of marking the days, such as lighting a new candle (perhaps the genesis of today's Advent wreath) or hanging a little religious picture on the wall each day.

Wow, 24 days times two would mean 48 treasures would have to be packed and hanged. I needed to have the calendar up in a few days. Since these calendars are supposed to be filled with surprises, I had to do it when the kids are not here and they should be finished when they arrived back home. Well, since I already have the materials with me and I have the idea in my head, I got the advent calendars up within two hours. Busy, busy. Check out the finished calendar here.

And then it would be St.Nicholas Day next week and then MC's birthday in a few weeks time and then oma's birthday and then... arrrghhh! Good thing I am done with Christmas shopping! Or did I just say that?


MarysMom said...

Gotta love the free munchies!

MegaMom said...

Buti ka pa Keng! Oh I better leave the computer alone, and go out and finish my Christmas shopping!

raqgold said...

marysmom - i munched, too!

megamom - hahaha, i can relate. kaya nga ang aga ko natapos mag shopping kasi i wanted to spend time blogging din!

janet said...

hey raq,

glad you wrote something about the advent calendar. now i can use my two advent calendars (given as presents from my two friends for Christmas last year) for my two kids.