Monday, November 26, 2007

Meal Time Dramas

I dont know how it started but MC simply wont come for dinner.

After telling the Papa she wanted to eat her fave food that night, after her Papa preparing and cooking her fave food...she simply wont come for dinner.

It could be because we spent most of the day baking, it could be because they have eaten more dough, it could be because they stuffed themselves from the discarded crumbs. She simply wont come for dinner.

Now, it is an unwritten rule at home that we should eat dinner together, especially when everybody's at home. And MC simply wont join us.

I explained to her that even if she wont eat something, we would love it if she would sit with us. Papa pleaded with her to do the same. But nope, she is too stubborn for us. She even started screaming and crying.

Papa, loosing patience, decided to take her plate away. And thus declared, 'if you dont want to join us, then it's okay. But I am letting you know that we are eating now. And later, the kitchen would remain close even if you're hungry.'

When she saw her plate being taken away, she panicked and cried, 'Papa, no. Please no. I am eating with you now. If I dont eat tonight I would be dead tomorrow!'

Hmm, where did she hear that from?


And then during breakfast the day after, MC started with a drama again.

She wanted to have more rolls on her plate; even asked for IC's share, even though IC wanted to eat more. Well, she got more rolls on her plate than she can eat.

We told her that she should eat everything that's on her plate because she wanted them. She, of course, said yes.

After a few minutes, and with her plate almost not touched, she declared she cannot eat anymore. She is full.

Well, I repeated what I told her about leaving her plate empty because she asked for those food. Well, she said she simply cannot eat them anymore because she is full. Well, I told her she is not allowed to move from the dining table without at least eating half of what's on her plate. Well, she screamed and cried. 'I'm gonna puke. I'm gonna have a thick stomach. I'm gonna get a stomachache, etc.'

I expected that tirade, she's been saying those things to escape from such 'punishments.' But we wanted her to know that she wont be able to easily escape this time.

Since we wanted to go for a drive, we gave her an ultimatum: either she stays in front of the table and continue crying or she eats something off her plate and we can go for a drive. She stuffed herself, of course.

And what's the reason behind these meal time dramas?
1. Because we have been spending a lot of time baking
2. Because they are allowed to munch along while baking
3. Because they are allowed to eat the discarded crumbs
4. Because the kids are already getting a lot of sweet treats from the family and the neighborhood

But this should not be, they might get used to them and then it would be too late, thus:
1. We would still continue baking
2. Munching and stuffing themselves with the discarded crumbs would be controlled by giving each of them a separate plate or gift box where they could choose what they wanted to eat, place them inside, to be eaten later...better than stuffing everything right into their mouth.
3. The rule for sweet treats is the same as the 2nd, they are placed inside their treasure boxes and should be eaten sparingly.
4. Distract them. Take them as far away as possible from the dough, the crumbs and the cookies. We asked them to bring some cookies outside to cool, and they stayed there to watch over them. The birds might come, you know!

I know, we should be lenient as 'tis the season after all...but I dont want them to miss enjoying the season because of stomachache!


julie said...

It is good that you set rules, Raq. We do that too. You like to eat a few Kisses? Finish your food first. You like to watch DVD? Pack away your toys first.

We can't have the children do things at the same time without finishing what has been started first.

MegaMom said...

Good luck with imposing the rules! :) I know how EASY that is, haha!

Mixednuts said...

Dough and sweets, yum yum! But I agree they will have to eat these after the meals. Hope the box works.

raqgold said...

julie, you are right. we do that do, sabi ko step by step. if they wanted to do something else, tidy up first... or else it would take more from their play time!

megamom - it is not really easy, but you see, when they wanted something from it, mas mabilis kilos nila!

mayi - the box worked :)