Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I am done!

My secret cabinet of gifts!

Yes, I am done with Christmas shopping. I got everything for everybody. I only need to wrap them up!
I am now in possession of boxes and boxes of Christmas gifts that are now hidden from my kids' eyes. Well, actually, MC and IC accidentally discovered my secret treasures a few days ago when she went ballistic looking for their costumes.

I learned of it because IC shouted she wanted to have her Pippi doll. A doll which is supposed to be a surprise gift. Good thing it was only the Pippi doll who was left peeking out. I tried to gently explain to her that those gifts are not for me to give away. That Santa Claus asked me to take care off them because he cannot carry millions of gifts for children around the world.

Well, what did she say? 'Then tell Santa that you already gave the doll to me.'

Since she's getting ready for a big tantrum, I gave in. She got her doll, and I needed a replacement, of course. After asking the kids never to open that secret cupboard again or else... I went back to my list and noted the need for another gift.

I convinced my husband, who's on a holiday, to go shopping with me last week. And I did some clicking online for some of the things that I did not find in the stores.

I wanted to get this Christmas shopping out of the way. You see, we would be celebrating a lot of things this December -- aside from Christmas and New Year's Eve; there would be busy preparing for MC's and oma's birthdays! And you know what, we also have the traditional St. Nikolaus Day (Dec 6) and the celebration of the second day of Christmas on the 26th of December. Plus, I need to create and fill in the kids' advents calendar, another German tradition.

Want to know how I finished shopping early?
1. I have been listing down gifts that would fit everyone in the family since Christmas last year.
2. I already bought some gifts that were tagged down from last season.
3. Whenever the girls and I go around to shop, they always tell me what they wanted for their birthday or for Christmas or for Easter and I tend to note them all down.
4. As for the immediate family, I simply take note of their hobbies, their favorites and subtly ask them what they wanted. And I take note, of sizes, too when necessary.
5. When those gifts are on sale, I grab them. When I get discounts from online shops or free postage, I shop. That way I save, too.
6. My husband takes time off from work to go shopping with me, alone, as early as November. We bring the kids to kindergarten and we head off as early as possible to the malls.
7. And most important, make sure you hide those things in a safe place. Far from the wandering eyes of your kids.

Actually, my real motivation to finish Christmas shopping early is to escape the madding crowd.

Finishing Christmas shopping early means not staying for hours in traffic, no parking hassles, no impulsive buying, and we save a lot because of the discounts! Not to forget, stress free means less wrinkles!
Now I hope my husband noted what I wanted for Christmas, too :)


Heart of Rachel said...

Wow, you're already finished doing yours while I, on the other hand, haven't even started. Good for you!
Better put a lock on that secret cabinet to avoid curious lil' ones going through your Christmas treasures. :)

janet said...

congratulations! you're so organized! good for you, you have bought everything already. :) nice way to escape the crowd during Christmas shopping time. i haven't even have a list on what to buy.:( hopefully, i can start mine after we celebrate Samantha's 1st bday next week.

tintin said...

Hey quick thinking on your answer to your daughter.

Lucky you, you're done. I've got some more to do. Just thinking about it gives me a headache.

MegaMom said...

Well guess what? After 1st seeing this post, I panicked! OMG, only a month left til Christmas! I immediately ran out and started buying Christmas gifts. So today, I am at least 1/3 of the way done.

Thanks for the reminder my friend.

ScroochChronicles said...

Which reminds me, I should start wrapping the presents na. We also have a similar hiding place and we call it our "Ho-ho Box". As early as January we start to fill it up. Alam mo naman, everything goes on sale right after the holidays. Ooopss...buking na..lahat ng regalo naka-sale pala..hahaha :)

raqgold said...

rach - am gonna buy me a closet with a lock, just for these things, haha

janet - good luck, it is not easy with those birthdays in december. we also have loads of birthdays in the family this december kaya naman i always tend to finish shopping early.

tintin - stop thinking, shop :)

megamom - am glad i helped. stop clicking on your keyboards at start clicking those store cashiers, hehe

cookie - oops,binabasa nga pala nila rin itong aking blog. ahahaha. of course i buy my gifts for my family here in germany NOT from the discounted stores, sana mabasa nila ito :D