Sunday, November 4, 2007

PMN Fam Pics: Schlachtplatte

Mittwoch, 07.03. ab 12.00 h: Schlachtfest
Schlachtplatte für 2 Personen € 9.90

Wurstsuppe, Wellfleisch, Leber-, Blut- und Bratwürstchen,
hausgem. Kartoffelknödel, Sauerkraut, hausgem. Erbsenbrei
und Schweinepfeffer

Gasthof zum Gruener Baum Odenwald

Reinhold Jöst
Vöckelsbacher Weg 1
69518 Abtsteinach-Mackenheim
Tel. 0 62 07/30 77
Fax. 0 62 07/34 06

My husband called up late one Wednesday afternoon to say we are dining out. This impulsive call made me happy ( I escaped the kitchen again) but I was a bit curious, too. When we picked him up from the train station, he showed me why. He's got a piece of paper, an advertisement from the newpaper, wherein states that a Schlachtfest (Butcher's Party) is being held in one of the countryside restaurants in Odenwald, a good 45 minutes ride from our place. He simply wanted to have a real taste of the Schlachtplatte (butcher's plate) because as he told me gushing, it is not so expensive at 9.90 euro for two persons.

So we drove despite his misgivings about IC sleeping on the way. Well, IC did sleep but was instantly awake when she saw that we were in the countryside. She saw the ponies right away, but they were being cleaned and groomed already. It seemed we were a few minutes too late for the free pony riding! Oh well, next time. They satisfied themselves by stroking the ponies manes.

When we got inside the restaurant, it was almost full, despite it being a weekday. That means the food in this restaurant is really good. Of course, we ordered the Schlachtplatte which consisted of; Wurstsuppe, Wellfleisch, Leber-, Blut- und Bratwürstchen, hausgemachte Kartoffelknödel, Sauerkraut, hausgemachter Erbsenbrei und Schweinepfeffer.

That would be sausage soup, boiled pork, liver -, blood and roasted/grilled small sausages, homemade potato dumpling, sauerkraut, homemade pea mash and peppered pork, this last one is almost the same as the Philippines' dinuguan. And the kids? Pommes Frites (french fries), what else! Though they love the sausage soup, too.

Interesting, this Butcher's Plate, and very delicious, too. I wonder how it would taste with rice? Hmmm...

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julie said...

Wow, that food looks yummy. The meat, mukhang walang fat! Wouldn't mind eating that too, even if we have to travel just to eat that. Sulit.

My plated photos will be up in a short while.

Have a great week!

ruth said...

whew, that looks heavy. aba, sulit na nga sa €9.90 for two! :D

feng said...

hay naku Raq, ang hirap i pronounce ng plated food mo. masyadong spokening german! :) anyway, thanks for sharing the photo. alam mo, lalo akong nagutom.

ScroochChronicles said...

Yes, I wonder too how it would taste with rice. And with Mang Tomas sauce..yummy!!

What is the round thing? Is that the potato dumpling?

raqgold said...

julie, we savoured that dish... sulit talaga!

ruth, considering the drive and my hubby and kids' appetite, nabitin pa ako nyan :D

feng, shssslaktplaaate -- ayan ang pronounciation nya, hehe

cookie, yup those are the potato dumplings.. next time i'll bring rice and mang tomas with me, that's a good idea. baka lang ikahiya ako ng asawa ko, hahaha

Connie said...

wow, may German version pala ang dinuguan.

Lynn said...

What a platter! And the name is kind of exciting too, Butcher's Plate. Parang royal rumble in terms of eating everything on the plate.

By the way, you mentioned in your comment in my post that you were from Marilao. My hubby grew up there. :)

raqgold said...

connie, they have this sauce version and the sausage dinuguan, actually i dont like the taste. mas masarap dinuguan natin, hehe

lynn, i envisioned yung old royals eating with the hand, ahahah. am not from marilao but ive a friend who's got a house in marilao and we regularly visit there. malapit sila sa palengke at sa simbahan...