Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nope, I didnt forget about both of you

There were just too many activities, too many unexpected things that needed attention, and too many new things to list down that I missed blogging about two people close to our hearts who celebrated their birthdays. Let me talk about them now.

First was Onkel (uncle) Ossi who aged gracefully this October. He is one of the kids' favorite laps in the world. Whenever the kids would see him, they would cling to him like crazy. They would want to hear him tell stories, read a book and even drags him all over to play. He would always be too busy to even say hello to the adults when the kids are around. They cant get enough of him. And I guess, he cant get enough of the kids, too. Why else would you always find him with his long legs on the floor trying to fold his size into the kids' level :D

The next one is Tita (auntie) Anna, our youngest in the brood of five children, who is enjoying her singleness in the Philippines. Nope, we didnt get to call her this November 10. I only got to send her a belated text message which I know is not so satisfying as talking to her but we would be doing that personal greeting within this week. I know that she had a great celebration at home where they cooked Spaghetti Carbonara. The sauce came from the many boxes of goodies we sent back home. Now, the kids know Tita Ana, of course. In fact, my husband always tease IC that she is the 'little Anna' simply because they both have the same lusty appetite.

And what about Tita Anna? Well, she's a hardworking girl who stands up to her belief. So stubborn yet I know that she's got a gentleness in her that she's reluctant to show off. Although of course, you get glimpses of that every once in a while. Especially since she's been taking care of my four nieces and nephew who used to stay with them at home. She babysits and helps them with their homeworks and projects. I am sure is she's her, she would do the same with my girls.

What is she busy with now? She is busy with home her own home improvement project... she used her own hard earned money for that. Yes! I heard she had the house painted in preparation for our visit this coming February. You see, that just is my point, she's also generous and thoughtful despite her stubborn steaks.

Here you are both loving people, prosit to both of you!
(Photos to follow, the computer where all the photos are stored is under repair :(...)

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