Thursday, September 11, 2008

the call that made me feel better

Wasnt feeling well, I think am going to have a cold. My throat hurts. But the only indication I gave was to look for my mint bonbons one early morning.

My husband, ever aware, called me up when he reached the office and asked If I am okay. I said dont worry, I am okay; although he might have heard something's wrong from my voice.

He said: 'Do you want me to go home earlier? Let me know if I should. And dont bother to clean the house today, I would do that for you. As for doing the grocery, I could shop tomorrow.'

And that was that, he already made my day and I felt better :D

But he's not yet finished, around noontime, he called and told me to skip preparing dinner. He would be cooking for us.

Arent I lucky?


Anonymous said...

it's good to be pampered like that. tell him to top the icing you were prescribed with a little shop therapy and a 500 mg of beauty spa. :)

raqgold said...

mahalia, next time, will do that, thanks for the tip :D

Vlado&Toni said...

oh that is so sweet ;) we might not have our moms to pamper us when we're sick, luckily we do have such sweet husbands to care for us during such moments ;)

haze said...

Hope you feel better now. It's quite warmer in Marseille too especially with the msitral but we still have the sun.