Thursday, September 18, 2008

Name Tags

Aiza tagged me.

What's in a name? A lot! When I was single, I have listed down a lot of possible names for my future children. Most of those names came from characters I read from romance novels that I truly savored to the last pages -- that would include books such as Sweet Dreams to Mills and Boons :) I could still remember my favorites: Fiona Ann, Isabella, Patricia, Danielle, Arielle and Gabrielle.

Yet when I got married and started listing down names, I only remember that I wanted a short and simple name that would not confuse people; that people could easily read and say, and a name that my future kids would not have difficulty when they start learning to write.

In the end, my husband suggested a first name and I searched for the right second name; as it is a custom here in Germany to have two names. Although I could simply have added my maiden name as a second name, as the custom is in the Philippines.

Actually, if you a kid is a Protestant, as traditional goes, that kid's second name would come from the first name of her/his godmother/godfather. Interesting to know, right?


OUR KID’S NAMES: List all of your kids’ names, or even just one. It's up to you. Write down the story or the reason why you chose it. If you’re expecting or planning to have more kids and already have a name for them….list them down too.

My first born's name is Michaela Cristel. Her papa chose Michaela, I didnt ask why but I guess it is because my husband is a big fan of Formula 1 and the number one driver during that time was Michael Schumacher. It took me a long time to find a second name. Simply because I wanted one that starts with a 'C' because my younger sister's kids all have names that starts with a 'C'. Keep it in the family, parang ganun.

I wanted to name her Crista because her schedule of birth was supposed to be on Christmas Eve but then I learned that her future godmother's second name is already Crista. I didnt know then that tradition about the second name coming from the godmother. The second bet was Cristel but our friseur that time is called Christel; in the end I simply removed the 'H'.

For my second girl, Isabela Cathrin, it was easier because I had more time to choose as I already know my 'rules'. I plucked Isabela out of my former list but removed one 'L' and chose Cathrin because both names look great together. It turned out that opa's mother's name is Katarina and he thinks I named IC after her great great grandmother. I didnt dispute him and I am glad I named her Cathrin.

I am tagging vk, taur, nanaybelen and coolmom.


Admin said...

hi there raqgold! wow ... i'm touched with the tag... thank you so much..

i know i have to pass that on, right? guess i'd have to do more socializing with other moms. hehe ... you know what ... still haven't registered successfully with pinoy moms network. i've been waiting for email confirmation and haven't got any up to now. i'm gonna check again..

by the way you got very nice names for your children... really seems like they were well-thought of ... my only son's name is theo (meaning gift from God) and his second name is ariel (taken from his papa's second name)..

still have to find other moms to pass the tag on to hehe...

thanks again! God bless!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi raq,

thnks for tagging me.....

our kids, mababa as much as we can....
kasi ayaw namin mataas ang name, kagaya noon.

bernie too, has 2 names ang haba pa....

normal si kimberly, we name her only kim, kaya ayaw sa gemeinde kasi this name para lalaki n babae, kaya yon na kimberly.

thanks again ha?

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

very nice unique names.

Anonymous said...

fiona, gabrielle, danielle, arielle - these were in my list too! nice names 'no? but my kids did not end up having any of these names.

hi! i'm {partially} back. thanks for the kind wishes.