Friday, September 5, 2008

What's a great birthday gift to a fellow mom?

It didnt take me a long time to decide what to give a new found friend, also a stay-at-home-mom, for her 40th birthday. Nope, she doesnt like jewelries nor does she love perfumes. She would rather wear comfortable clothes and shoes that doesnt bite; and she's got her favorite mommy bag already.

And, so I've decided to give her a special mommy day. A day off from home. With the help of my husband, we printed a special invitation for her to spend a day in a far away city with me (not too far away but far enough for her to escape household chores).

When she read the invitation, she was so excited. The husband, was excited for her, too especially since we didnt really inform them our destination. And so I guess, our gift is a success, judging from their reaction.

Actually, we invited her small daughter, too; as I would be bringing both girls with me. That way, they could play together and we moms could talk and window shop and do whatever we could do as long as the girls would let us. of course. She would have to leave her small son with the dad, at least, some sort of break, right?

So, that invitation was fulfilled last Wednesday. We picked them up before leaving the car at home to walk to the train station near us. Despite the rain, we had a great time. The kids got busy, the moms busier!

It was something else. Actually, it is also a first time for me to have someone, except for the girls and my husband, while in the city. A different experience walking with someone and exchanging notes on clothes and shoes and a little household chats (just cant get away from those). A different experience dining out and taking our sweet time in between bites. A different experience checking things out and dawdling all we want.

I guess, I gave her a gift and yet, she gave me back a gift, too. Those moments of mommy talks. I'm sad to say, I only get those mommy talks mostly when am blog hopping (well, not really so bad, but, oh, you know what I mean :D) It is different when it's face to face!

Who wants to join me in the city next time :D


Nanaybelen said...

kumusta ka na?. ang tagal na rin tayong walang communication. btw birthday mo rin ba? parehas ng friend mo? Ok, Happy Birthday raggold and see you again.

Anonymous said...

musta na ba ang mommy?

lovelyn said...

Me! Me! My birthday is 5 months from now ... Pati ba back and forth na fare, to be provided?
hehehe.... I wouldn't mind an air ticket, the train ride would be a long trip e. Kasama pati si Reynz para mas masaya.

Seriously, what a nice gift for a birthday! A friend who does that is a friend to keep.

haze said...

aww so you're so thoughtful and generous. Well, if you pass by Marseille an open EB invitation is always on the lists to do I hope :D !

raqgold said...

nanaybelen, it was my friend's bday, mine was last june pa :) but thanks for the greetings anyway!

mothercares, hi! am doing great, how about you?

lovely, hopefully, manalo ako sa lotto so we could do that together, hahaha

haze - thanks for the invite, and same here, if you plan to pass by any place near us, am here!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

first would i say,,,,ang ganda ng aviatar this a pics or a painting or skizzing?
ang ganda....

oo you have a very nice bday gift to someone.

yon din ang gawain ko sa mga closed friends ko...take a walk in the city or shopping together,
drinking a cup of coffee and strolling.

going in the kino or theather....
syempre, free

walang asawa n kids ha.....

that´s a good idea........kasi when a thing, para meron na lahat hindi ba?

at it is not easy, kasi ang type nya or likes nya.......mahirap

ako......sasama sa iyo in the city.......kaya lang ang layo.....heheheh

danke, dass du mich sehr lieb hast......kussssss

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

time together in the spa for long "me" time and chitchat is a nice gift.

tintin said...

You're a very thoughtful friend!

Analyse said...

moi! moi! mommy break like that is surely welcome.

raqgold said...

vk - that's an avatar i created thru a website, nalimutan ko na kung saan. i would love to go in the city with you, too. sayang lang ang layo natin, aber du hast ja recht, ich hab dich lieb

hailey's - oh a spa time, that would be heaven!

tintin - i think am also a bit selfish as i also know i would have a bit of break through this gift :D

analyse - oh, let me pick you up in a few minutes, my wings are being fixed :D

Vlado&Toni said...

that's a great gift, you gave her something memorable and yet you gained something special too :)