Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh Butter

Well, how's this for excitement?

I was already on my way out to the grocery to buy our weekly supply of basic goods when my husband called up and told me that I should not buy butter from Aldi. And I told him why? And he said because of what was just in the newspaper that morning, that the quality of butter in that store we frequent is not really good. In fact, the butter in Aldi's got more germs on it than normal. For those who could read German, here.

My initial reaction? Dismay. We have been using Aldi's butter ever since I walked out of Lidl a few months ago. Now you tell me -- What do I do with the 6 packs of butter in the freezer? I wanted to dismiss this as only panic mongering but consumers here in Germany holds those consumer tests in good faith. Should we believe them, or what?

Therefore I told my husband, what do we do with the joghurt and the milk products from Aldi? As they are the same brand, would it mean that those products are affected, too? Well, nothing's on the news. We have to wait and see, meanwhile, we'll use them first. And think about buying from another brand later. Those milk products arent cheap, afterall.

And yes, I did proceed to shop at Aldi after that call.

I looked at the people doing their shopping there if they are panicking and if they are complaining and if they are suspiciously looking at Aldi's products; everybody seems to be doing okay with their grocery lists.

I even thought about discussing the butter with a friend who happened to be in Aldi at that time but I stopped myself. He might just laugh at me because by that time, I was also laughing at myself for checking out, a bit sneakily, if they pulled out the controversial butter. Nope, the butter are still displayed there and are being bought by the people. But not me, I've decided we would use the rest of Aldi's butter but I'd be buying new butter from another store.

I know, it would take more time grocery shopping, but hey, the consumer test which is fully backed by my husband, told me so :)

Let me tell you more about this Aldi butter. The fact is, the bacteria they found in the butter are not really bad for one's health, but it shows that hygiene during the manufacturing of the butter is lacking. The consumer association Foodwatch also emphasized that 'price and quality do not have anything in common with one another.'

Now, what would you do if you are in my place?


Mixednuts said...

I would be on the safe side when it comes to family's health.

Anonymous said...

if i were you, i'd use up the butter for baking. patay ang germs sigurado. and then switch to a different brand. i used to prefer the irish brand because they are soft enough even straight from the fridge. pero since my son had milk allergies, we rarely use butter na. we use olive-oil or sunflower-oil based margarine-- healthier choice pa.

we used to consult stiftung warentest a lot especially sa baby/children products, and never get anything that gets a "mangelhaft" mark. pero to put it in perspective, feeling ko kahit yung mangelhaft sa germany, good quality pa rin in comparison to what people get in other countries.

haze said...

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

thanks for sharing this news.
i click the site.....

hindi ko alam, wla naman sa news ano=
normaly ma news kaagad, lalo na lebensmittel,

Yon nga Asia store sa Koblenz, kasi nagbinta ng White Rabbit Bonbon from china, kinuha nila at strict sila,

Ito why not in the newspaper or TV news?

itong BIO products, ay hindi ako masayadong bibili nito, para sa akin pareho lang.

bernie, particular on this. BIO cya.

last thrus. nagpunta kami sa Aldi, kasi free si bernie, herbst ferien din siya....lol

Aldi kasi siya, ako si LIDL....bumili pa ako ng butter doon, gamit ko ngayon.

hope, everything ok lang.

sigi, have a nice... Day of German Unity......

dito lang kami sa bahay, ulan ng ulan na ano?

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

correct si Ruth.....appear din ako sa reason nya.

minsan naka lito na yon TÜV or stiftung warentest...
TEST na lang lahat, kahit ano...lol

sabagay, very good din, para sa quality, diba?

thanks ha?