Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Surviving First Week of School

MC's study corner
It wasnt that bad. The first week of school. The big event, that of the einschulung (first day of school), that welcomed the first graders rigged them up to be ready for the school week.

At first we worried ourselves on how to create a schedule for doing homework. I was thinking I would pick up the kids from school. While cooking lunch, the kids could take a break by playing or they could have their one hour tv time (our rule for the weekday). It would depend on them.

But on the first day with homework, MC went direct in her study table and decided to work on it. Nope, she wont take a break. She wants to finish her homework as soon as possible. Well okay, if that's what she wants. And it became the working schedule from then on -- home from school, homework, lunch, play/break, review, sleep.

Well, it seems to be working, so who's complaining? Our real debacle really now is about letting her walk to and from the school alone with her schoolmates. My husband doesnt think she's ripe for it; well I dont have any complaints as I do have to bring IC to kindergarten and it would be the same direction as in the school. The one complaining is MC and her schoolmates! Let's wait and see about this.

Oh and let me tell you about MC's study nook. It is her pride and joy.

Her study table is from Moll. I actually love MC's study table as it could be adjusted according to her growing years and there are changing color highlights. I hope it would really stand up to the quality and the price.

MC's chair is also a bit pricey but we chose this because it could be pulled down to her size (she's petite like her mom) unlike other chairs that could only be adjusted until a certain low that isnt enough for my little girl :D. Big plus for the chair is that it has a naturally wobbly 'consistency' that could cope to the never ending wobbling and bouncing of my energetic girl.

P.S. IC's got to do her own homework, too. And she wants those things that her big sister's working on. So that would be our review time :)


lovelyn said...

Same with Lukie, he wants to do his home work before having his lunch. I insisted he eats first. I hope they continue to be this enthusiastic when it comes to their assignments no?

Heart of Rachel said...

I love MC's study area. I would love to have a chair like that one.

Glad to know MC loves doing her homework. It's a promising start.

Amelyn R. Rafael,MD said...

I like your daughter's study table and chair. :)

Anonymous said...

love the table and chair! so kikay!