Sunday, May 17, 2009

Discovering the Telephone

It's started. Seven-year-old MC has discovered the telephone. She would disappear for a long time. We would find her in one corner, on the phone.

And then Mama A told me she's been getting hang-ups displaying our telephone number since last week.

And then Mama B told me her husband's been getting hang-ups displaying our telephone number since last week, too.

Mama C called me this afternoon saying her husband's getting uneasy as he's getting hang-ups displaying our telephone number.

They were not complaining. They were simply informing me. I told them we noticed MC's busy on the phone, too; but knowing that it's now out of control, I talked to her about it.

I told her it is important that she knows the rules on the right way to use the telephone.

- A telephone is definitely not a toy
- Do not give our phone number to anybody without our permission
- On answering the phone, she must greet and say her name and of course, say a proper goodbye
- She must tell me or her papa first who she wants to call and why
- There is a time to call. Not before 10 am and not after 7 pm. And no calls during lunch and dinner times.
- Dont answer the telephone when no adults are around
- Never give our home address over the phone unless we give her permission
- Do not make an appointment without informing us
- No long conversations on the phone; other people would want to use the phone, too
- Most importantly, be polite

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tintin said...

Already? Sigh. They grow up so fast huh. Mine is getting an attitude now too. Oh here come the terrible twos.