Monday, May 25, 2009

what to do on a hot summer day

the forecast for today is hot. we were up early decided to just go with the flow :D

here's what we did.

- had a brunch cum picnik in the garden
- worked in the garden
- picked strawberries
- went for a short bike ride
- ate ice cream
- watched the clouds
- gave the plants a real shower
- played hopscotch
- danced around the water sprinkler
- ate ice cream
- turned on the water in the slide
- got wet in the wadding pool
- played in the sand box
- had a barbacue party in the garden
- ate ice cream
- painted the street using chalks and water color
- slept late

we enjoyed our sweat today :D


bem said...

bliss! sarap naman to jsut go with the flow.

Vlado&Toni said...

wow,that was a lot to do on a hot summer day but looks really fun.

haze said...

...and blogging :D ! Nice list Raqgold ;). Enjoy doing these lists.

raqgold said...

bem - going with the flow is always good.

toni - i also cant believe we did all that! esp those ice cream :D

haze - i got to blog when everybody's asleep na, hehe