Saturday, May 9, 2009

Secrets Before Mother's Day

IC cannot contain her excitement.

Two weeks before Mother's Day she blurted out that she's making a special something for me. But she is not supposed to tell me because it is a secret. She kept on repeating those words almost everyday.

One day I heard MC admonishing her, saying she also have something for Mama but she is not telling because it is supposed to be a secret. Secrets are to be kept, she emphasized.

This morning, IC woke me up and said we only need to sleep one more night and then it is Mother's Day. She repeated her story about her secret but she's too excited she cannot contain herself. Especially when she saw that I already got my Mother's Day flowers from Papa this afternoon. (He is afraid it would dry if he keep in in a secret corner for tomorrow.)

Suddenly she disappeared in the garden. I kept on looking for her but she wont answer. Then the doorbell rang. It was IC but she wont come in when she saw me. She wanted her Papa who is taking a long bath. So I left her outside, she rang the doorbell a few more times and was already getting frustrated that her Papa was not opening the door when I told her I am going outside to get something.

She beamed and ran inside; but not before I saw her hiding a bunch of newly plucked flowers ;D I dont know where she kept them for tomorrow though.

And tonight as I was taking a shower, they were all busy. When I went to check on them, they hurriedly hide whatever they were doing.

I am getting excited with all these secrets before Mother's Day.

Wishing all mom's the best on Mother's Day!


Bette said...

happy mother's day raq. please share what it is. i'm excited to see what they were so busy with.

Vlado&Toni said...

oh, i can't wait to know what's the surprise too. will be definitely back here tomorrow for the next post :D

taur said...

hello raqgold ... thanks for your mother's day greeting ... and happy mother's day to you too... God bless!

imom said...

Hi Raquel! Naku, ano kaya ang secret nila? I'll be back to read about it.
Belated Happy Mother's Day! :)

Weng Zaballa said...

(Belated) Happy Mom's Day, Raq!!!