Friday, May 29, 2009

i want to be hanna montana when i grow up

That's what my 5-year old IC told me this morning on our way to kindergarten. I know that she is crazy about Hanna Montana; she's a real big fan. But this?

I quickly made our talk into something positive. Since she's been too lazy joining the extra-curricular activities for the past months (she dont want to go to ballet, she would skip gymnastics, she would miss out on walks); I told her being Hanna Montana is not easy but that she could do it if she would be ready to work on it.

She asked me what she needs to do. And so we listed down the things that Hanna Montana could do: sing, dance, gymnastics, go to school and study. I also told her Hanna Montana doesnt watch tv (I simply had to add this).

IC said she could already sing and dance but that she is ready to join classes. She said from now on she dont want to be driven to kindergarten, she would prefer to walk. She said she would not skip gymnastics anymore. She said I should enrol her to school so she could start studying. And she would only watch Hanna Montana on tv.

I told her she must do and learn all those things, slowly but surely. Her answer? 'I have enough time, I am only 5 after all.'

And she started singing and dancing on her way to kindergarten.


Vlado&Toni said...

yup all the girls are in this craze now..

haze said...

At least she knows what she wants! There's a time for everything IC so take your time! You're right you are only 5yrs old so enjoy being a child ;) !