Sunday, May 3, 2009

Saving Places

We were invited for a movie along with some of MC's classmates.

As usual, we were early as the moviehouse is just 5-minutes walk from our place. Plus, we wanted to save the best seats for the whole group.

The early birds were both my girls and another boy and we wanted to save seats. I told them when someone ask them if the seats are free they should say 'they are taken.' The agreed. I told them to stay to keep those seats for our group. They agreed.

But did they stay put? Nope. They had to jump out after every seconds to watch out for their friends. After awhile I told them they should really stay put as more and more people are coming and I wont be able to say those seats are taken when the could see that the long row is empty.

Of course, the kids disappeared again. Then I didnt notice that a big group claimed the empty row. Should I ask them to move? Of course not.

When the kids appeared with their companions and saw that the seats were taken, they were disappointed. I told them they were doing the 'seat saving thing' wrong. When one wants to really save a seat, they should be there where the seats are so that when people ask if the seats are free; they would hear someone answering them 'no, these seats are taken.'

Leaving those seats empty for anyone to grab is simply the wrong way to save seats. Leaving those seats free after telling them they agreed to take care of those seats would not work at all.

MC couldnt believe we came early only to loose those precious seats because they didnt stay put simply nodded, 'now I know.'


Heart of Rachel said...

The kids must have been disappointed but it's a good lesson learned.

Vlado&Toni said...

aha, another lesson learned :D this reminds me of the people who leave their towels on the sunbeds then disappear :( (i've heard of someone getting up at 5 am then putting the towels, then sleeping again! and not coming there till probably noon!) unbelievable. so if you really save it -you have to be there.