Thursday, May 7, 2009

What if the traffic light is off?

Just in front of the school is a pedestrian traffic light which makes it safe for the kids to cross the street alone. After all, that is a very busy street.

But what if the traffic light is off? What if there was no notice in written or in the news announcing that it would be turned off? What if you let your kids walk alone to school not knowing the traffic light is off? What if you dont realize that the reason why the kids are late in going home is that because they are stuck in front of the turned off traffic light? What ifs.

It happened one morning that the traffic light was busted. Good thing MC asked his papa to walk with them to school. My husband became the traffic police for a time there before he decided to call the city hall to inform them about the traffic light. It was repaired a few minutes after his call.

But the past weeks, road repairs going on in that particular stop light is making the parents uneasy. No one was assigned to help the pedestrians, especially the school kids. You could see kids zigzaging through traffic. You could see some almost in tears because they could not cross the street. For us parents who are there, we could only hold the traffic for a while, we cannot stay there all day until all kids are out of school.

My husband called the city hall and complained. He told them to at least have someone man the traffic when the kids are scheduled to come and to leave school. That happened after a few more calls and emails from us.

And when police traffic were assigned, we vigilantly observed if they would keep the school times. And we thanked them for their efforts. But we didnt stop walking our MC to school until the road repairs were done. It is better to be on the safe side.

Most of the times, we only learned that the traffic light is off because MC reports to us almost every little details of her everyday activities. That is why we could also take action in time. I shudder to think when MC would stop talking to us and we would miss taking actions.

It is really good when kids talks to us parents, right?

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