Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day is A Beautiful Day

IC hasnt really opened her eyes and yet when she stirred before really waking up; she was already saying 'Muttertag' (Mother's Day). That's how excited she is of Mother's Day.

As I have instructions not to open my eyes until MC and my husband said so, I happily savored the extra minutes under my warm blanket. And here's what happened during Mother's Day.

1. For the first time, I earned a breakfast in bed! MC prepared toast with butter and a few slices of salami and cocktail tomatoes plus black tea. In her thoughtfulness, she made the same thing for IC who made sure that I wouldnt peek :D

2. I got my gifts from the girls, a poem and a poster from MC and a handpainted photo frame from IC. My husband gave me a bunch of roses a day before. (see photo)

3. Instead of the usual jogging with my husband, I opted to join the girls for a short outing; biking to the nearest climbing frame and playing catch. (see photo)

4. After a short lunch, we headed off to the cemetery to offer a Mother's Day flower to oma's (grandma's) grave.

5. We picked-up opa (grandpa) for a Mother's Day early dinner.

6. We went back to the climbing frame for another round of catch me.

It was an exhausting yet fun day. IC summarized the day with 'Mama, Mother's Day is a beautiful day. I wish tomorrow is another Mother's day.'


Bette said...

that's so sweet! sarap naman to be pampered 'no? pero sana kahit hindi mother's day we'll be pampered. hehe abuso :D.

Vlado&Toni said...

i knew it was going to be a wonderful day for you :) your girls are really thoughtful, mana sa daddy :D

joanne said...

Well everyday is mother's day, right:)