Friday, November 4, 2011

Skipping Rope

I love skipping rope.

I skipped rope when I was a kid. Now, I use skipping rope as a part of an exercise regime.

Because I skip rope, my girls noticed -- the girls wanted to learn how to skip rope, too.

They started learning how to skip rope in kindergarten. With one end of the rope tied to a tree and a teacher holding the other side. It is easier to learn that way, to feel the rhythmn.

And of course, they would continue learning how to skip rope at home.

I told them to first adjust the rope so that it would not be too long for them. Then to try it slowly, by not jumping but simply stepping over the rope. So they started with the simple act of stepping over the rope over and over, until they have the confidence to jump over the rope.

Well, it took time but they finally got the gist of it because they practiced. And now? They are trying out different combinations with the skipping ropes, too.

But the highlight of their skipping rope days are those that we do as partners. I would be holding the rope, one of my girls stands in front of me, and we would both be jumping ropes together. Now the girls are doing the partner skip together. Way to go, girls!

It's fun and exhilirating! Try it.

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