Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I am not yet December Ready!

Okay, I had to take a deep breath before starting with this post.

It is all coming back to me, panic mode. I am not yet December ready, help!!!

Well, the Halloween decors are back in the store room. And that's when I saw the boxes labeled: 'Christmas'. Not to mention my husband cheering, 'how about bringing out the Christmas decors already?'

No. I refuse to start decorating for Christmas. Not until I am done with my advents calendar shopping for the girls! My goal is to collect the total of 48 treats by the end of this week. And then I will start my Christmas shopping, too.

I am a little slow; okay, I am too slow this year. But you know what, the girls have their wish list already by mid-August. I am just waiting for those items to be on sale and I'd grab them online or in the shopping malls.

You see, December is always a month filled with celebrations and gift-giving with us: there's the traditional advents calendar that starts first day of December, the traditional Advent Sunday candle lightings, St. Nicholas Day on the 6th, MC's birthday on the 10th, Oma's birthday on the 21st, then the three-day Christmas feasts (24th to 26th), then New Year's Eve. Not to mention the Christmas parties all around!

In the past years, my Christmas shopping starts with the Christmas season sale. It is practical to grab those discounted items that are not perishable, you know :-D

What hindered my shopping cruises this year is the location of our new house.  It is not really a 'comforting' walking distance to any shops at all. The nearest supermarket is a 30-minute walk, one-way; now going back, I have to hurdle the steep way up with heavy shopping bags. That would mean at least an hour walk back, with lots of stops!

Why not use the car? Because I hate driving. Because I want to save some money for gasoline. Why not take the bus? Sometimes I do. But I still miss the relaxing stroll around the neighborhood stores, window shopping until something interesting comes up (meaning 'cheap', meaning 'discounted'); those mini shopping tours until the advents calendar treats are filled, the birthday gifts are packed, the St. Nicholas presents are stored and the Christmas surprises ready.

Oh well, I guess this time, my fingers just have to do the shopping :-D

When would I be December ready? After collecting those 48 treats, I need to work on the advents calendar -- all 48 of them. I already have an idea about the themes: Santa boots and Christmas City. Then I need to work on our Advents wreath, the first Sunday of Advent is after all this 27th of November already!

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anney said...

Ako naman gusto ko bumili ng Christmas tree na bago yung may snow! hehehe! Ang cute kasi tingnan.