Monday, December 1, 2008

DIY: Advent Calendar (The First of December)

IC's advent's calendar
And now, the day that the kids have been waiting for -- the first day of December.

Now they could check what's the surprise in their Advent's Calendar.

IC's been wanting to check them out ever since I finished working on their calendars last week. But they contented themselves with simply counting, checking the numbers and feeling what's inside.

And I have to stop myself from worrying if those cones and socks would hold until the 24th of December! I am crossing my fingers :D

I really dont have enough time to work on the advents calendar this time so I made it a little easier by buying those store bought ones and creating a new 'home' for them.

Here's how I created the 'new' advent's calendars:
1. Bought two table cloths with Christmas themes and one advent's calendar with those socks (on photo).
2. Separated the socks (12 each for each advent calendar) and created 24 cones using gift wrappers.
3. Sewed those socks and cones on the table cloths.
4. Unwrapped those store bought advent#s calendars ( I have two packs) and proceeded to enfold them in different scraps of cloths.
5. Tied them all up with ribbons.
6. Clipped on the numbers.

IC decided she wanted some fir twigs on her cones and socks while MC wanted no frills on her.
MC's calendar, partly finished


Admin said...

hello sis ... am here but thiel just woke up hehe... will visit again later in the day to read some more :)

raqgold said...

am glad to see you again. have fun with thiel, he's growing up fast!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is gorgeous mami quel! selbst gemacht pa!:D

Bumili lang kami ng Schoco Advents Calendar by kinder! Tamad eh hehe

lovelyn said...

Brava Mama Kengs! Makikita mo talagang its another "labor for love" ;-). Lucky kids, not all moms have the the time to make such suprises.

Anonymous said...

Good job Raquel! I also have 2 big socks for the kids and Christmas tree is already up and lights are blinking every night at home. Kids are happy and waiting for their gifts very soon :D !

Anonymous said...

wow! that is so nice!

i made one last year but my son did not appreciate it very much. maybe he's too old for that? i'm thinking of making another one this year but changed my mind because at 2yo, i don't think my daughter would already appreciate it. maybe next year. i'm just wondering, even if i made one last year, i still don't know what to put inside. so i just made some coupons with goodies that he can redeem from me. any suggestions/ideas? thanks, thanks and merry christmas!

Heart of Rachel said...

An advent calendar sounds interesting. I love what you came up with.

raqgold said...

cheh - ako ang may choco calendar pero sempre sila din ang kumakain, hehe

lovelyn - mahirap kapag ginawa mo ng tradisyon e, boring na sa kanila yung mga finished calendars from the markets, hehe

bem - my kids are 6 and 4 but they appreciate the calendars. why not put sweets and small toys agad? if your little girl is two years old, and you start this tradition, that would be great :D

rach - thanks rach. i enjoyed doing them!