Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My First Grader's School Bag Lesson

First day of school last September
I was surprised when MC simply started taking everything out of her school bag. She took all her notebooks, her books, her pens, etc. She even turned her school bag upside down and started shaking it vigorously.

She looked at my surprised expression and explained. 'You know what mama, it is best to clean and clear a school bag regularly.'

She said she realized a lot of thing when she first started doing that such as:
1. There are things inside that are not hers, thus, she needs to bring them back to the right owner
2. There are things inside that she dont use anymore, thus, she could leave them at home
3. There are things inside that she thought she'd already lost, thus, she is happy
4. There are things inside that she should have taken out a long time ago, thus, she would ask mama to take it out as she dont want to touch them anymore :D
5. There are things inside that she should have eaten, yuksss!6. And there are things that she would need to refill or to exchange, thus she could update her files and her lists

Well, MC found on her own the lessons on why school bags should be checked and cleaned regularly!


Anonymous said...

These are wonderful lessons that can be learned not just by school children but by adults too. Not necessarily with bags and their contents but more so with the "emotional baggage"

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are great lessons. It's wonderful that MC is learning more than what the usual text books offer.