Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Love Christmas Cards

I chose an angel theme for cards this Christmas

In these days of gadgets and the internet, I tend to go back to the old fashioned Christmas cards when it is time to send my Christmas greetings to family and friends. And I send them early, too, especially to those addressee outside Germany.

Why? Because I also love receiving Christmas cards. There is a different kick when I see cards in our mail box. Actually, I do love sending and receiving vacation postcards, too.

I find it more exciting if there are stories, hmm, gossips inside those cards, too. And photos, who doesnt love to look at photos?

And I hang those cards in a wall near our Christmas tree. Yes, those cards could be great decors, too! I am proud to show people that somebody loved me enough to send those snail mails.

But these year, I have added small boxes of cookies with those cards -- to some really thoughful friends who's been sending us gifts the whole year. It is my turn to say thank you with my own homebaked goodies. A tip, bake the goodies the day you wanted to send them by mail so it would arrive fresh. In Germany, local posts take only a day to get to their recipents.

Inside the box are choco crinkles and chunky cookies


Anonymous said...

Those are looking yummy!

Yup yup same here re: xmas cards --love them on my window sills.

raqgold said...

nagpaparinig ka ba, hahaha

antayin mo :D

Anonymous said...

hmmmn... looks yummy!

Heart of Rachel said...

Those cookies look yummy! Home baked goodies are perfect as gifts.

Anonymous said...

Wohoaaa, love your crinkles Raquel ! PAHINGI !!!!

raqgold said...

bem -- i miss those crinkles sa manila, sa totoo lang. wala dito e.

raqgold said...

rach - i am discovering homebaked goodies as gifts. i simply need to work on my packaging :D

haze -- let's see if the post wouldnt take long to reach you, you might have a package full of crinkles for christmas, hehe