Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things to do before the new year comes

For me, it is not the pre-Christmas season that creates more 'stress' but it is the pre-New Year days.

Maybe it is just me, but I tend to have a list of things to do before the year changes. It makes me feel better welcoming the new year when I have ticked off my list and so it goes:

1. Clean and sort out the medicine cabinets. Some medicine bottles take much space though they are not needed anymore or they shouldnt be taken anymore.
2. Check and refill the kitchen supplies especially make sure that there are enough sugar, rice, flour, egg and salt. A hint of superstitious (in the Philippines, we make sure that all supplies are filled as an empty cupboard is a bad start) but for me it is just being practical.
3. Dust off the vitrine and the cupboards.
4. Clean the ref.
5. Clear the storeroom. If we dont need things, we either throw them away or give them away.
6. Sort out the kids' toys. The things they need would stay and the rest would have to be given away.
7. Sort out our closets. Most used clothes and shoes we send to the Philippines for people in need.
8. Back-up our computer files. I know, this should be done regularly but... :)
9. Try to clear up my files
10. And of course, clean the house!

And this year, I am happy to have enthusiastic helpers with my two girls.


haze said...

I already did some of them para party na lang intindihin ko :D ! Happy New Year raqgold, all the best for 2009 !

Anonymous said...

Hi Raqgold,
Same thing, I'm planning to clean before the 1st comes. Have a great New Year:)

Anonymous said...

Why, this looks like my list! Did you copy off me, Raq? :D
Happy New Year!!!!