Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Christmas Tree 2008

We love the Nordmann Fir.

We have the same kind of tree for the past Christmases. Why do we love Nordmann Fir? Because of 'its attractive foliage, with needles that are not sharp, and do not drop readily when the tree dries out.'

It has been a tradition to put up the tree on the first day of December. But having experienced a kiddie birthday party with the tree up; we realized we needed to reschedule putting up our Christmas tree on a later date, at least, after the birthday party.

The real German tradition is decorating the tree on the 23th of December. But I cant wait until that, coming from the Philippines. Where the 'ber' month is the start of the Christmas season already.

And so, after the birthday party last Friday, we went and bought our Christmas tree on an early Saturday morning. It took sometime to choose our 'tree' but we found one. And we diversified our usually so simple decors. As this time, we chose to put more trinkets and other baubles on our tree, the kids are old enough not to pick on them, I hope :D

To celebrate oma's (grandma's) memories this Christmas, I decided to drape most of her unused ribbons.
These big, red Christmas balls are new.

These colorful small parol (Christmas lanterns) came from the Philippines. A touch of home.

These small musical angels are the very first Christmas tree decors that I bought when I celebrated my first Christmas here in Germany.

I love this. The 'Belen' (Nativity) also graced our home during my first Christmas here. MC's first Christmas, too.

I fell in love with these angel wings.

The top of the tree holds a star this year.

It is interesting watching this tree change as the days pass by when the kids would start bringing in their own decors from kindergarten and the school :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Keng,

please thank MC for her wonderful Christmas card. she's very creative and so nice to received a handmade Christmas card from her.

ang ganda ng Christmas tree nyo and the belen also.

i am so proud of your kids because they don't see colors on people. you raised them real well.


Wenchie said...

Hi Racs, nice tree. Wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance.

Nina said...

Merry Christmas sa inyo :) I wish I also brought belen here ;)