Friday, December 12, 2008

Do Your Kids See Colors?

Mine dont.

They dont see a black lady. They see a lady.

They dont see a brown man. They see a man.

They dont see a white grandpa. They see the grandpa.

They dont see a yellow storekeeper. They see a storekeeper.

We were with a friend and her son in McDonald's a few days ago.

The little boy kept on saying he wanted to be served by the black lady. He kept on going back to 'the black lady.'

I have never really noticed it if not for this little incident. Thing is, with my girls, they have never ever pointed out the colors of people whenever they interact with them. They only see them as, yes, people.

I remember one story. We were watching the news on tv and MC was with us. The news featured a little girl who's covered with hair, an abnormality. And what did MC saw? She said that she likes the little girl's dress.


blahblahblahs said...

Oh yes, I am amazed everytime what kids see and talk about - they really have a different perception.

So sorry for not dropping by your blog or even on my blog. I haven't checked it since forever- I have been extremely busy the last few weeks.. just too tired to do anything more online :( too exhausted. I just saw that you already have 2 comments wondering about me. I felt so guilty ;( I also received some more emails today from friends wondering about me and my blog. oh well.
will be back soon, promise

lovelyn said...

I thought I wasn't able to catch up with older post having said that your kids are color blind. Yes they do pala BUT with the ideal and proper lossing of sight from anything that discriminates. Nice one! A lot of us should learn from MC and IC.

Anonymous said...

That's the best way to see the world: yes many different colors but all human.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post.

I wish could say the same for my children. Though they don't discriminate the colors, my youngest once said, "Nay, bakit dirty siya?" referring to a photo of an African women.

They know about the children of the "squatters area" who are always outside our gates playing and making mess. That is what they have noticed and don't like. Maybe because they hear us complain especially when the manang just cleaned and we just paid her to do so, tapos dudumihan lang nila :(

I'm a bit pissed with what happened to MC's party and I'm going to that post again to comment.