Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Girls and Jollibee

My girls are Jollibee crazy.

Even though they grew up in Germany where there's no Jollibee branch; in fact, there is no Jollibee anywhere in Europe at all. Only the golden arch, which we don't visit frequently. (We are not fastfood fans, at least, when we are in Germany :-D.)

The girls got the Jollibee buzz because everytime we are on vacation in the Philippines, a Jollibee party always awaits them. For us, a Jollibee party means a chance to meet most family and friends in one room, at one time! It is fun and affordable. Yes, we don't miss the chance to play games with the Jollibee mascot.

Of course, we had to organize everything before we leave Germany. It goes to say that the girls are frequent visitors to Jollibee's website. They choose the party theme, they click on all other party accessories. The Jollibee party is always a highlight of our Philippine vacation.

Reservations are done much, much earlier. Most of the time, they check out the menu list; including the Jollibee Kids Meal Rewards Promo. Giving their appetite a kick, but are realistic enough to know that they had to wait until we are back again in the Philippines.

Their favorite meals? Chicken Joy, Burger Steak, and Lumpiang Shanghai. Now I could add Jollibee Spaghetti, too. Before they find the Jollibee spaghetti too sweet as compared to the Italian recipe; but in our recent visits, they seem to love it!

Also, the girls are allowed to surf the site and play some games. We impose a time limit, of course. That is why discovering Jollitown is an exciting surprise to them. Plus, they love their avatars!

Oh, and my girls can't wait for the best news: a Jollibee in Germany :-D

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