Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Arjay!

Dear Arjay,

Happy, happy birthday!

I still can't believe my youngest brother is now a big boy.

And yes, I still can't see you as a man :-D. Or maybe I refuse to.


All I know is that I am proud of what you have become. I am sure everyone in the family is proud of you, too.

The sweet little boy who always share his pieces of cake or sticks of french fries to Nanay (Mother) is now the sweet big boy who always brings gift snacks to share with his nieces and nephew, of course, with Nanay at Tatay, too. MC and IC long for those sweet snacks you always carry with you almost every visit.

You are one generous guy, that's why you are finding generous friends, too. I know you would keep them because you are you.

And yes, enjoy your travels. It is one way to grow in this generous world, too.

We love you, Arjay!

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