Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Father's Way

Tatay during our visit in 2008

I've decided not to have a list of new year's resolutions this year because I noticed I've been writing down the same resolutions over and over again for the past, hmmm, past years!

But you know what, I am doing a monthly resolution thing. I got the idea from my 71 year old father.

My mother wrote me a letter a few months back, proudly telling us that my father has finally lost his beer belly. Wow, I was happily astonished. My father's got his beer belly ever since I can remember. You know what he did? He maintained a regular regular jogging schedule of jogging two times a day for 30 minutes each.

For him to have the enthusiasm and the strenght to keep up with this rigorous fitness schedule at 71 -- I salute him! Actually, it is also because of health reasons and I know, his love for his family that made him do it. He is diagnosed with diabetis a few years back. He's got a real sweet tooth. And now he is really watching his diet and yes, after loosing his beer belly, he's stopped the two times a day jog and stuck to running in the mornings.

Of course, I told my husband about it immediately. To give him a bit of inspiration. What happened next? He went home with a diet plan which he's been following strictly for almost two months now; even throughout the holiday season. Plus, he's been running regularly and enjoying the results. He is indeed happier as he feels lighter (which he is) and feels more confident. And yes, the beer belly is almost gone, too.

Well, I am loving my husband's dedication, too. And you know what, it is my turn to follow my father's way. I am facing the challenge presented by these two men I love most.

My goal? Slowly but surely :D


Heart of Rachel said...

That's great! Getting in shape is a wonderful way to welcome the new year.

Mommy Scarty said...

nyahahhaa nangiti naman ako sa 1st paragraph. ako talaga hindi nagsusulat resolution kasi alam ko hindi masusunod lol

happy new year miss kenks :)

Vlado&Toni said...

yay, i should follow that getting in shape resolution too. realised I gained weight again this morning! oh well...
hmm, your tatay is very wise to have a monthly resolution, easier to follow and maintain I think.

raqgold said...

rach - it's surprising how both of them worked on it even thru the holidays!

scarty - ako naman i simply list them down automatically and automatically forgets about them, too hehe

toni - i think calling it a monthly resolution makes it easier to do :D