Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Girls are Sick

And so we have our sleeping re-arrangement :D

IC requested to cuddle with papa, so they stayed in her warm futon bed.

MC wanted to be with mama, so I got her as my warm bottle.

Then my husband made a 'date'. When the kids are already sleeping; we're to meet in the living room for our own cuddle time and a glass of wine. Hmm, cozy!

And then MC wanted to talk, despite heavy interruptions of coughing and blowing her nose. And I also heard IC and papa still giggling like crazy.

Finally, MC slept. I creeped out and waited for my husband. But after an hour of watching uninteresting things on tv, I decided to sleep, too.

An hour after that, I heard my husband turning on the lights in the living room. But I was already far into dreamland and I dont want to leave MC's warm side. So, that was our cozy date.

It turned out we'd be up all night making warm tea for the kids, changing sheets as IC threw up, running to the bathroom with MC's nose bleed, and and and...

We brought the girls to the doctor to be examined late this morning. Just ordinary virus. That's good to hear.

And our cozy date? Maybe tonight, in between changing the sheets and bringing the girls to the bathroom to pee :D


Vlado&Toni said...

oh...get well soon to the kids.. that cuddle night has to wait for a while..

an2nette said...

Hi Raquel, gute besserung sa mga bata and best regards to you, dito pa rin kami sa pinas. 2nette

haze said...

Hope they feel better Raqgold ! Naku ganyan talaga pag winter lahat halos nagkakasakit! Cuddle time is perfect and sipping wine too while the kids are asleep :D !