Monday, January 12, 2009

A relic from the past?

The big discovery that made the girls eyes pop during our Black Forest winter vacation last weekend was... tadaaaa!

Surprise! The common telephone. Well, the common dial telephone of the not so long past :D

I didnt know it was a strange thing for them. Really! But it is.
the dial telephone is strange :D

MC excitedly entered our hotel room and fixed her eyes on the phone with IC hurrying to get a better look as they both screamed to me, 'Mama, mama, what's this? We havent seen anything like this!' I guess, that's true. They know the push button phones, the portable ones and the cellullar phones, but a dial telephone. It is indeed rare!

Imagine their disappointment when they learned that this 'relic' is only a common telephone. But when I showed them how to dial, they were back to being amazed. They wanted to try it, and again, and again.

Please dont ask me how many times I had to tell them to stop playing with the telephone during our holiday.


Vlado&Toni said...

hahaha, jurassic na nga tong phone na to ;) actually i'm looking for one to use for work. so our kids can know about this old gadget but no luck, till now i haven't found one.

Mixednuts said...

OMG! A blast from the past. I can imagine the kids getting shocked. Haha.

raqgold said...

toni - it was also a surprise to me that they find this telephone strange, haha. you'd find those phones in pinas, am sure!

mixednuts - makes me really wonder what else they would find strange from ten years past, hahaha

lovelyn said...

means we're really getting old, soon to be a relic hahaha....

haze said...

But I so love this phone ! I really wanted to have one at home, meron pa kayang nabibili na ganito ???

raqgold said...

lovelyn - i just cant believe it, things we find normal, unusual na sa kanila. kakapikon ano, hehehe

haze - i really wanted the black dial one. i think you'd find them in flea markets