Monday, January 12, 2009

To do's after a vacation

Well, we're back home.

But if you ask the kids, they'd be happy romping around in the snowy Black Forest until the snow melted. Melting isnt a possibility as they are now adding articial snow to maintain the already fast fading 'real' snow :D

It was another relaxing but active weekend. And it's a great end to the school Christmas break. MC would start school today, IC's started with kindergarten since last Wednesday.

And today is a Monday. The day after our weekend get-away. Papa is working. The kids are in kindergarten and in the school.

What about mama? At home, busy with the household chores.

This is a big puzzle: Why is it that we've only been away for three days and yet I've loads of work to do?

- The house needs fresh air - open the windows and the doors for a few minutes :D
- Laundry. I've cleared the laundry before we left, and now I have tons of them again!
- Grocery shop. The cupboards and the ref are empty.
- Clean the winter booties and the house shoes we used in the hotel before putting them back in the storage
- Air the ski suits
- Clear and clean and air the bags and baggages we used
- Make sure all the medicines are back in the medicine cabinet
- Read the news in the net and yes, blog hop!
- Download the photos. So I could share them to you :D

Am thinking about cleaning the house but that could wait. I need to bring the kids to their gymnastics classes first. What an excuse :D


Anonymous said...

hello, nice post :)

raqgold said...


Vlado&Toni said...

ahhhh, the tragedies of before and after the holidays! much preparation to do before one and then much tidying up to do after! well at least you had a wonderful time during the holiday.

raqgold said...

toni - the thing is, we all enjoyed the vacation but i must be the only one to enjoy the tidying up, heheh

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

good for you to enjoy ur vacay!