Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Stranger in McDonalds

There is this McDo tv ad in Germany that shows kids playing alone with a ball and then being joined by a 'strange' man who caught the ball they threw.

That strange man is actually a well known tv host but that doesnt concern MC. All she wants to know is why are those kids allowed to play with a strange man?

Well, I want to know, too :)

I told her that those kids know the celebrity that's why they played with him. But I told them that if a stranger, or even someone they know, wanted to play with them and they are not comfortable; they could always stop playing and excuse themselves.

After all, they should trust their feelings and the actions that they think should go with it.


Analyse said...

naku we need to be careful with our kids talaga. did you hear about the news in belgium? a young man who entered a nursery and killed two kids and an employee, grabe!

Daisy said...

I'm glad they knew enough to question this.

raqgold said...

analyse, yes, i heard about that story. we could really never be extra careful as the monster would always come, kahit saan. at least with these news, we are aware and could do something.

daisy, you are right, at least they know enough