Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to store your Christmas decors

It is a bit of a sad occasion when it's time to put away those glitzy Christmas decors, right? But that's something we have to do.

I usually ask the girls to help me so they would have the chance to say goodbye to the holiday season. And because I wanted this to be as special as putting up the decorations.

Here's what we do?

- I would usually line up the sturdy boxes that I have collected and labeled accordingly
- We'd collecting the decors in one room, until we reach the last destination which would be the Christmas tree
- To avoid tangled Christmas lights, try the empty kitchen rolls trick.
- Wrap the breakable pieces in newspapers or tissues, if you werent able to keep their original packaging which is really recommended
- We'd start putting together the related items re: Christmas balls and other Christmas tree decors together; wrappers and ribbons together, etc
- For bigger items, such as our Christmas teddy's; we've kept their plastic covers to avoid dust.
- What we do with our gift wrappers and ribbons? We put them together in one bin.
- For our Christmas tree, it is collected by the volunteer fire brigade that would be turned into compost
- And last yet the most significant, toth girls would have their turn in taking down the star of Bethlehem on top of the tree - that's a tradition already
first IC
and then MC

And now the decors are out, MC suddenly turned to me and said, 'Mama, wow, there's a lot of space to play where the tree used to be.'


Keith said...

I need to become domestic enough to have christmas decors. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

aw. how sad, magliligpit na ng mga Christmas decors. Hanggang next holidays ulit. Ano ang gingawa niyo sa inyong live tree?

haze said...

We have the same technique in storing the Christmas lights, ayon na ka roll na rin :D ! It's easier talaga ;)!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

naala-ala ko noon maliit pa ang mga bata.......

kim n sascha, mag-iyakan, kung sinong maglagay sa star sa itaas ng xmas tree....

kaya gawa namin, kim put the star n sascha got it,after xmas.
or vise-versa.

ok naman........

ngayon, ay wla na, wala na kaming xmas tree nga........hehehehe

decors ko yon angel lang na light sa kuche n adventskranz.....

tamad na, wlang magdecors na...heheheh

totoo ito ha, kasi, yn after, wlang mag-asikaso

thanks for sharing your post, naala-ala ko lang ang mga bata noon.

cgi, have a nice vacation there.......

enjoy it.....

raqgold said...

hi keith, thanks for visiting. if you've kids, you'll get domesticated enough to decorate am sure. happy new year, too!

mahalia - those live trees are collected by the volunteer fire brigade and turned into compost :)

haze - rolling them makes them tangle free, parang buhok, hahaha

vk - meaning you dont really decorate anymore? what about kim? dont she like to create decors for christmas? i dont know what would happen if the girls would be older, let's see!