Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get the kids 'snow' busy

And we thought it would be another no 'snow' winter. In our place, winter is really mild; thus, we tend to drive to the mountains to experience the snow. Yet this year, especially for the past few days -- it was really freezing!

In fact, as I am writing this down, it's -10 degrees already! I told my husband am not looking anymore, or else I'd freeze on my seats just thinking about it!

And what about the girls? Well, snow is fun! They got up early, ate a hearty breakfast and dressed up without any dramas as they were afraid that our neighbor would be shoveling the snow in front of our walkway before they got out.

Then I got the kids' 'snow' busy with such things as:

1. They shoveled with glee, but only in one area. I had to drag them to another area :) The trick is, we have two kiddie shovels for them ready.

2. A chance to run around in the garden, especially to check the koi pond that's covered in snow. 'Mama, would our kois freeze?' asked IC. I told them no as Papa's got a tube on top of it that would help air circulate.

3. Snow ball fights, as long as nobody cries :D

4. Sledding, we've a good slope on the way to the garden. They should only stop before reaching the sharp needles of MC's tree (Chilean fir tree).

5. Creating snow angels, and this, despite the fact that the girls hate to have wet hairs! All for the snow fun, of course.

6. We also walked around the neighborhood, umm, simply hearing the crunch of the snow beneath our shoes! But for IC, she had to collect her ball of snows around the neighborhood, promising to come back for them later :D

7. And yes, I pulled the sled on the streets with the girls laughter in the air. Just be careful when you do this, our street isnt a busy street.

8. Snow man! Small snow men are now guarding our street :D

Oh, and make sure the kids are warmly dressed, with the whole gear.

And afterwards, as we dont have a shoe rack for dirty, wet boots -- I prepared a newspaper towel to leave those wet boots to dry. What else did I prepare? Warm tea and a big lunch, snow fun creates big appetites, too.


Anonymous said...

Ay ang saya! As in uber lamig? Dito nga 20 degress, nakajacket namga tao, ahihihi...

Raquel, me mga bahay pala sa likod niyo. Feeling ko kasi yung mga garden photos nyo, walang mga bahay dun.

raqgold said...

julie - i remember nung asa tagaytay kami, my husband had no t shirt on while my pinoy family's wearing jackets! yup, may mga bahay sa likod, madaya lang yung shots

Anonymous said...

Sayo pala to nakita ko kasi ang mga little kengkays eh kaya nakilala ko lols

lovelyn said...

ang saya nga! kami naman, during the 2009 countdown, it started to snow. natunaw nga lang kaagad, umulan kasi ng malakas nung madaling arw na.