Saturday, January 10, 2009

What to bring for a short winter vacation?

winter vacation a year ago in Austria

It's a last minute decision. And am okay with it. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of the cold temperature here in Europe and look for the real snow fun?

We are going away on a weekend winter fun -- an almost one hour drive to Hochschwarzwald (in Germany's famous Black Forest).

It wasnt easy finding a room for four of us. After all, it is still Christmas vacation in some parts of Germany.

But we pursued. First in the internet and then by calling the hotels. When all failed, we asked for the tourist office in the area to help us find a hotel. Here's what we found: click.

What to bring for a short winter vacation then? Aside from the usual clothing and toiletries, here's some more.

1. The whole winter gear for the whole family: ski clothes, ski booties, gloves, mittens and caps.
2. The sleds, nope, we dont have ski nor snowboards. But we could rent those things.
3. Sun protection cream, sun glasses, and lip balm, for the whole family. The sun is stronger in the mountains after all.
4. The usual medications, plasters and creams.
5. Snowchain, warm blankets, flashlights and warning vests ready in the car.
6. And for my mommy bag? Snacks, extra clothes for the kids, and the anti-motion sickness homoophathy Nux vormica D4 that I always give to the kids before we go for a long drive.
7. Papa is responsible that the car's got enough gasoline, that he's got the map of the area, plus the video and the digicam :D
8. The kids have packed their favorite toys and some pencils and papers so they could draw.

We only need to turn down the heater at home and empty the garbage bins before we go.


Vlado&Toni said...

uy kainggit, enjoy your holidays ;) brrrr.. i wonder how IC is with all that spazieren gehen ;) let me know.curious lang..

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi raq,

nagbakasyon kayo?...pasokan na sa monday ano?

noon din maliit pa ang mga bata, drive lang kami sa schwarzwald, pero uwi pagkatapos-hapon na...

para lang maka-kita ng maraming snow at makalaro ang mga bata.

ganda doon ano, lalo na yn akyat kayo sa itaas?
kasi maganda tingnan ang mga forest....puting-puti sa sorroundings, tapos ang mga tree, itim....

oo nga ang lamig ano=, ngayon dito sa amin minus 18, lamig....mamaya daw minus 26....sabi ng broadcaster.

kanina, nagpunta ang sternsingers dito, same as every year.

tuwang-tuwa ang mga bata, kahit ang lamig......dito naman sa amin wlang snow sa pathway kasi nilinisan ng firma kehl....

pero sa next strasse, ang daming snow...pwede ng magschlitten.....

gusto ko sana, wla naman sasakay, ako sana, ang lamig naman....heheheh

meron pa kami, kina sascha n

sigi, have a nice sunday to all.......lamigggggggggggg

Soy said...

Ang cute ng ski gear nila! Nakakatuwa! Enjoy your winter break and hopefully we could all see the photos you bring back home. :)

raqgold said...

toni - good thing the hotel is very near the roddel bahn plus both of them sat mostly on the sled on the way so she enjoyed it

vk - you are right, it's been down to minus 25 degrees here! brrr. in feldberg it was only minus 10 degrees kaya they only generate artificial snow na.

soy - bought those outfits in a discount store here lang :) we had a great vacation, i even enjoyed sledding myself :D