Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are your kids satisfied with their gifts?

Here's what we usually do before buying presents:

1. We ask the kids to tag along from store to store to window shop and show us what they wanted
2. Whenever an advertisement comes on the television, they would inform us of what they like
3. They tend to gather those toy brochures and pamphlets and would cross out what they love
4. And we checked what toys they have at home and buy those that would compliment them, such as with legos and playmobils

We did all that before shopping for their Christmas gifts, and yet, they still complained.

'Mama, I didnt ask you to buy this,' said IC. 'Mama, this is the wrong one,' MC informed me. I could have told them otherwise, but I tried to understand.

I think those words came out because of the excitement of the moment, plus, they received too much toys that they dont really know anymore what they really wanted. Too much is sometimes, well, too much.

In order to bring them back to reality, I told them to think about the poor people who didnt get anything at all this Christmas. I told them they could still help by sharing what they have. They nodded.

I told them to gather their old toys; especially those that they dont want anymore. I prepared a balikbayan box that I would be sending before Easter to a charity house in the Philippines. And I asked them to put all those 'dont want anymore toys' inside. After a few minutes, the big box was half full.

And I rummage inside their closets for old yet usable clothes. I added them inside the box, too. Before we'd send the box out, the girls and I agreed to buy some sweets as surprise gifts to the kids in the charity house.

Before the day was the done, the girls were already deeply engrossed playing with their 'unwanted toys' again. Yes, my kids are satisfied with their gifts.


Keith said...

Guten tag, magandang hapon, maayong adlaw, dan Selamat siang.

But you blog in English, so I say greetings. Thank you for visiting my blog. I welcome all visitors.

I was on another blogger's site whiuch led me to the video clip I saw.

I am glad you enjoyed it.

Take care, and God bless.

raqgold said...

hi keith -- guten abend na :D salamat sa pagbalik. will check your site again, too

haze said...

I know what my kids wanted before Christmas because of TV commercials, advertising from magazines that I receive from my mail box. They like browsing from pages to pages hehehehe !

raqgold said...

haze - same thing with us, they've been bombarded with advertisement kaya ayun siguro, nalito na rin, hehe