Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Love It When Kids Tell the Truth

I just picked up the kids and walking home.

We were behind a bush near the bus stop when a huge snow ball almost hit me on the face.

I was shocked and a bit angry. What if any of the kids walking behind and in front of me were hit?

I noticed the group of boys on the other side of the street. They were chuking themselves with snow balls. I had to do something.

I approached them quietly. I asked if one of them just threw a snow ball across the street. They started to shake their heads. But one of them decided to be honest and admitted what he did. He said he didnt know that people where there behind the bush. He said sorry, too.

I told him I was almost hit. I told him it was good that nobody was hit from the group of kids walking home with me. But since he was honest about it, I simply tapped his shoulders and told him to be careful next time.

I love it when kids tell the truth.

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