Monday, January 5, 2009

Unwritten Rules

...yet I am writing them down :D

1. No houseworks and gardening during Sundays and holidays.
2. Wear a suit or your best dress during Sundays and on special ocassions.
3. Be on time or better, be early
4. Bring something with you if you come for a visit
5. Always call before coming for a visit
6. There are many ways to say 'thank you' - a card, a call, a gift
7. Aperitifs before dining or sekt before starting with the real party
8. Always make the bed, and dont forget to plump the pillows, please
9. When answering the phone, always say your name and not 'hello'
10. We greet everyone we meet on the street not with a 'hello' but with a good morning/good afternoon/good evening
11. We acknowledge the other driver who let us pass first

And there are some old ones I got from my husband

1. Saturday is bath day. Other days would mean wash or shower day :D
2. Expect potato soup and damfnudel (steamed noodle, something like siopao without the filling) every Saturday
3. New Year's Day menu? Potato salad and wurst
4. Always eat everything on your plate, or else...
5. Friday is fish only day

I dont know if I missed anything, I dont have any guidelines on it. They are supposed to be unwritten rules after all :D

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